Corporate Programs

Corporate Programs

Team Building
The most successful, memorable team-building events are ones that don’t feel like a day at the office.
— Forbes

When people who only know each other within the work environment, get to experience something completely new- outside of their comfort zone- on a farm with horses - that is where authentic bonding happens naturally and creates a strong foundation for a more trusting and cooperative team dynamic. Team members will be able to relate to each other in new and maybe surprising ways which will filter through into a more motivated, positive and therefore more effective work environment.

We offer three different kinds of corporate programs, catering for a variety of interest and need. See below if one of them caters for what you are looking for.

Otherwise, feel free to get in touch and let us know your ideas. We are happy to tailor a unique program for you and your team.

These programs do not require previous horse experience and no horsemanship skills will be involved.


Fun Team Building

Looking for a unique way of spending your annual team outing?

Having fun wearing gumboots all day, being outside playing games with our four-legged crew, experiencing a new way of being around horses-

Ever played football with horses? it will certainly be one to remember!

Improving Team Dynamics

New team members getting to know each other - personalities, roles, and individual talents?

Or have you been working alongside each other for a long time and feel the need for a breath of fresh air?

Or addressing interruptive workplace issues which are holding back the team’s full potential?

2- Day Leadership program

A powerful and proven program for enterprising people who want to improve their performance through increased self-knowledge.

Our unique two-day program uses interaction with horses to help you develop deep insight into the way that you lead, translate and communicate ideas, to hold space to embrace your team’s full potential .

Why horses

Non-verbal intelligence is our ability to understand the subtle layers of awareness within ourselves and within others. Our non-verbal messages are supporting us all the time, but we don’t always tune into that level- horses are master teachers of this skill.

Through the horse’s natural behaviour, the horse illuminates how to enhance our communication and team effectiveness. This feedback directly translates to our daily professional reality.

Horses make unique and authentic learning partners. They truly reflect our attitudes, communication styles, intentions and mirror human emotions, and body language and expose incongruity that may arise and provide vast opportunities for metaphorical learning.

Horses different to people, don’t see socio-economic status, gender, race, size, orientation and belief systems. They accept ach person for exactly who they are based on their honesty, confidence, congruency, level of trust, assertiveness, and clarity in communication.

Horses are powerful animals to be around and interact with because like us, they are social animals with their own personalities and moods. Living within a herd, they will only follow an authentic and confident leader.

Horses are finely tuned observers of even the subtlest behaviours. Instinctively, as prey animals, their survival depends on their ability to sense any underlying emotional current in their environment.

Horses are honest, incapable of hidden agendas and live in the present moment and in a place of discernment rather than judgement. Horses reflect their assessment of us and this created the opportunity for us to understand our effectiveness and to learn where we can grow and develop.