Extension of our Herd

Extension of our Herd

Horse Sense wouldn’t be what it is today without the great support of our community, family and friends. We are grateful for all the people who have been involved over the past years,
supporting us here on the Kāpiti Coast or from a far around the world.

Arohanui to you all!

Abby - Caretaker of the horses on their well deserved days off. Abby loves taking them for a blast down the beach, giving them quality time to ‘just be’. Ōtaki, New Zealand

From the left: Luna, Gypsy and Maya - These ladies have their own, special place in this operation - supporting people with their unique personalities! Ōtaki, New Zealand

Marcus - Jenny’s long-term partner and Abby’s father. Marcus is the man behind the scenes, with a practical mind and a warm heart - always ready to have a chat. Ōtaki, New Zealand

Yee Ley - weaver of sound, facilitator of possibilities, Pukerua Bay, New Zealand

Tamara - Holistic Life Coach,
De Hague, the Netherlands

Renee - Horse Sense trained Equine Specialist, originally from the Netherlands, now living in Ōtaki, New Zealand

Jaione - Clinical Psychologist and student of life, originally from Spain, now living in Byron Bay, Australia

Jorgette - Dannevirke, New Zealand