Mauri Supervision


Supportive & Developmental Grounded In A Theoretical Framework 

“Life principle, life force, vital essence, special nature, a material symbol of a life principle, source of emotions - the essential quality and vitality of a being or entity. Also used for a physical object, individual, ecosystem or social group in which this essence is located.” Māori Dictionary

We believe that the supervisee has the capacity to effectively resolve problems without interpretation.

The supervisor serves as the 'collaborator' with the supervisee, providing 25- years combined knowledge of Equine Supported Therapy and Psychology.

We provide an environment in which the supervisee can be open to their own experience.

We form a supportive relationship, and provide relevant knowledge and clinical skills. We set goals for performance in ways that comply with the supervisee's plans and vision.

We identify the supervisee's current stage and provide feedback and support appropriate to that development stage, while at the same time facilitating the supervisee's progression to the next stage.

This interactive process encourages the supervisee to utilise prior knowledge and skills to produce new learning.

As the supervisee approaches proficiency at each stage, we gradually incorporate knowledge and skills to the next stage.

Throughout this process not only is the supervisee exposed to new information and skills, the interaction between supervisor and supervisee also develops critical thinking skills.

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • ️Communication

  • Problem Solving 

  • Conflict Resolution 

  • Leadership 

  • Critical Thinking 

  • Cultural 

  • Metaphysical 

  • Time & Priority Management 

  • Diversity & Generational Differences