Testimonial S&V

“One of our goals travelling through New Zealand, was to watch how the EAGALA work here was performed, and we had hoped to learn more about this work . We perform EAP in Nordlandssykehuset Lofoten, Norway, a Hospital in the northern part of our country. We have done this for eight years as a part of the Hospitals program in Mental health service. We work with children, adolescents, adults in groups and individual setting. We also do family work .

Working, and exchanging experiences, with Jenny Gibbons and Geraldine Keith in Otaki, was one of our nicest happenings during our stay. They perform EAGALA work with a high ethical standard, with therapeutic experience and respect. They put emphasis to the horse and the horses behaviour towards their clients. They do this in a calm and gentle way, giving the clients an experience of their inner world without imposing their own views or issues upon them.

Jenny also has a spiritual insight, laying behind the work, but without interfering with clients who don’t share this dimension.

We were very pleased with their work, and it gave us new important practice in using the horses for psychotherapy.”

Vibeke Hannisdal - Specialist teacher

Sveinung Skårset - Child psychiatrist/chief physician Lofoten Hospital Norway