Testimonial B

Ollie and Man

“Wow I have just spent the last week in a Kotahitanga workshop at Horse Sense under the wonderful guidance of Jenny Gibbons, Lisa and Jaione. This week has been so magical and spiritually uplifting for me, and to see how the horses play such an intricate part of human healing. These majestic souls assist us heal by reflecting what is going on internally for us. The patience and kindness they give unconditionally is mind blowing.

What a beautiful group of people attending the workshop and to be surrounded by, to learn, listen and be part of life with, was really special to me.

Crystal Bowl meditations inside as well as outside with the horses, thank you so much to Annette Sanders. For me personally these meditations have lifted me higher spiritually and throughout the week, found the stillness of NOW and the peace and love that comes hand in hand when being in such a great space. Operating from this space is so different, the busy head has gone and now the heart can talk, it makes so much more sense to me.

Back in everyday life it is easy to allow the brain to get involved again but watching thoughts and choosing not to get into them helps me stay connected to the oneness that I cherish. When thoughts and old patterns arise, we used the lovely word “DELETE” just say it out loud and allow yourself to move on.

This workshop was about love in action and not reaction, pretty powerful stuff!! Reflecting back on the course, that is exactly what it was about. Oh if the world could operate from this space, WOW endless opportunities.”

Retreat participant, Aotearoa