Testimonial J

“Something of value this is the quality of sharing and learning I've encountered here in Utah.

What I value most about this amazing, enlightening experience is the fact I'm surrounded by these incredible souls who have the courage to face themselves in ways most don't have the tools for or just couldn't even imagine.

I get to SEE myself through the powerful human beings I connect with here in Utah. Oh and the horses too!! 

I get to embrace the amazing wisdom and inspiration each person I've met here has offered. Thank you ... WOW!

Such openness and vulnerability from these beautiful beings allows space for me to step confidently into my own unique gifts, my own understanding of self love and my own intuition. 

This is where I finally get to honour my own journey, acknowledge myself and my spirit for showing up for ME and what I believe in. I created this extraordinary experience that honours my MIND, HEART and SPIRIT entirely! 

Trust me not all is perfect or easy, especially the fear of not being enough and the guilt of leaving important people I care about, but I am committed to this path and love the life I'm creating. 

Love you all.”

Retreat participant, USA