Workshops & Retreats

Workshops & Retreats

Nurturing transformations on so many levels.

What Jenny and her team provide in the healing field is phenomenal. Each team member (humans and horses!) contribute expansive expertise and capacities to create a supportive environment that allows you to feel comfortable with addressing and releasing limiting patterns.
— Retreat participant, 2018

The interconnectedness of horses and humans have been in relationship for thousands of years. From myths to battle to children'‘s stories - horses have carried us again and again. Their journey now for some – is to carry us back to ourselves.

In the 21st century horses are willing partners to reconnect to us in a meaningful way for those that open to the interactive dialogue of their ability to help us heal - with our energy being congruent and in alignment.

Horses can be healers.

Our workshops are a combination of different modalities, including systemic constellations, mindfulness and sound meditation with horses as well as somatic awareness. Take a look at upcoming workshops and retreats.

My whole mind, body and soul received healing and training, in these light and joyful surroundings of New Zealand.
— Retreat participant 2018, The Netherlands